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Teaching you to BE WELL!

Get to grips with the ‘must know’ topics surrounding food, toxins and health on your wellbeing journey

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Do you need help to BE WELL?

This website is for you, if you've been trying to get well but you just can't  seem to manage it, or you don't fancy the 'pill for your ill' method. Being well and returning to wellbeing needs more than a pill! Why don't we hear about how toxins make us ill? I won't answer that question. However, understanding about food and toxins in your environment are key to returning to health. This website will give you the necessary background learning you need in order to understand your journey to wellbeing!

My 'Diet to Detox' book is now available right here from my shop  or from Amazon (UK) or from

At school we learn how to read and write and do maths. We may even get qualifications and go to university. Why doesn't anyone teach us to BE WELL?  You may have been searching the internet, looking for an answer to the question, 'Why Am I Sick?'. You may have even been to see a few doctors. I'd like to think that my website will answer the 'Why Am I Sick?' question but also provide the essential roadmap for your journey back to wellbeing.  However, the change starts with you! I have put together videos, factsheets and questions to help you learn what you were never taught.

To really understand why we get sick, you should begin your learning with the Toxins module. Here you can also check your TIB level. TIB stands for Toxic Inflammatory Burden. It's not just one toxin that will tip your body into chronic inflammation and therefore chronic ill health. It's lots of low level toxins that combine to create an overall toxic inflammatory burden (TIB). By completing the TIB survey you can see where the hidden toxins are. 

Many people that consult with me need a refresher on what is healthy and what isn't. The basic food topics - probiotics, prebiotics, fats and sugars are a good place to do this. 

The overview for each module is free of charge, after that, if you want to go deeper into each module, take out a really affordable subscription to give access to the whole virtual learning library. These give access to all topics including the  Diet to Detox module that takes you on a step-by-step journey, giving practical tips for your road to wellbeing. You can also purchase clinical tests such as the Toxins test, and receive a breakdown of your results and recommendations from me. 

As you take this journey, you'll see that I talk a lot about fermented food. I believe that the toxins in our environment are inescapable.



One of the most important ways we have to tackle these toxins are with fermented foods! Fermented foods are not just good for the gut but they also help to break down toxins. That's why I talk a lot about them. In the recipes section (open to subscribers) and in my Doc Ese's Kitchen webinars, you'll find a lot of fermented food recipes. I also take the time to show you evidence from research papers detailing just why these foods are important.

Toxins are things like pesticides, plastics, moulds and heavy metals. However, if we concentrated just on physical toxins, we still wouldn't get better. Emotional, mental and spiritual toxins also play a very important part of the wellbeing matrix. In my webinars I have invited some amazing guest speakers who help to tackle the harder-to-reach elements of well being. The breath, the heart and our water spring to mind. You'll find these speakers under webinars and other events.

The 'Why Am I Sick?' series of webinars is a good place to start, in order to understand my concepts of why we get sick! Under 'webinars and other events' you can also follow along as I help others on their 'patient' journey.

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Perhaps you would like help with your health journey? Perhaps you'd like to talk through your health journey and need help to get on the right track. If you would like a health consultation email me here to discuss which consultation package would work best for you. I also offer remote bioresonance sessions which come with a report. 


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