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About me

About me

I qualified as a doctor over 30 years ago. As of April 2021 I no longer practice medicine, having voluntarily retired from the GMC. To practice medicine means to make diagnoses and to treat disease. I help you to BE WELL!. Of course, I've been well trained to recognise a diagnosis when I see one and understand well how to treat patients using medicines, injections and surgery. Neither am I saying that these methods do not hold value. Over the last decade or so, increasingly rather than practice medicine, I've been operating more like an educational instructor than a doctor. I now like to think that I'm helping you to make sense of what is not right with your bodily systems. I'm more of a health strategist than a medical doctor. Of course whilst change starts with you, you'll be needing a bit of help to steer through the muddy waters to a position of clarity and well being. The website is a first step to this.

Over the past 30 years or so since I qualified, I've come to realise that food and frequency are the baseline factors for good health. As a medical doctor, I worked as a consultant in Sport and Exercise medicine, treating muscle and joint injuries.

Before becoming a sports doctor I worked in General Practice and published a best selling series of books called ‘Hot Topics in General Practice’. These books simplified cutting edge research for the every day doctor (most doctors don't have time to trawl through research papers). During this time and subsequently after having 3 kids (all with special nutritional needs) – I came to see that the pills we doctors prescribe don't provide all the answers.

During my sports injury clinics, I have been struck by how patients with hard-to-treat joint and muscle problems tend to have other (inflammatory symptoms), which at first may not seem to be related to their joints – such as heartburn, IBS, eczema, acne, recurrent thrush, athlete’s foot, high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, kidney stones. It was when I started concentrating more on these ‘metabolic’ symptoms that I began to have a much higher success rate in treating my patients. I now use this holistic approach to treat my patients all the time.

I have realised that it’s not just joint problems that improve but the whole person’s health as well! 'Well-th' gives you the ability to do what you were created to do. I also realise that my nutritional approach is unconventional, but that doesn’t mean it is any less successful. I've developed to help you to make sense of the mass of conflicting information there is about 'good' and 'bad' foods.


Did you know that our bodies are vibrating? Our cells, organs and soft tissues all vibrate. When you have an MRI scan, its the different vibrational signatures that are being picked up and translated into pictures. As doctors, we are taught how to use such tools to diagnose disease but not how to use them to heal. I'm interested in both. 

The doctorese modules and webinars allow you to understand how you can tailor-make your food and vibrational environment to improve your Well-th and vibrancy (current-cy).

Each module or webinar will give you a greater understanding of your personal nutritional needs…. Sounds complicated…. but it isn’t. You just need to hear the truth about food!

Or perhaps you would like help with your health journey? If you would like a health consultation, you will also be eligible for a discount on subscription packages. Email me here to discuss which consultation/subscription package would work best for you. I also post my most pressing and immediate thoughts on SubscribeStar so do find me there also.