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Clinical tests

Clinical tests

Inflammation is a key factor involved in why we get sick. Tests that look for the contributing factors to inflammation as well as the impact of inflammation on your body may help you to plan a route to Well Being.

Medical research now confirms that chronic inflammation is the cause of almost all chronic ill health. But what causes chronic inflammation?

There are some common building blocks for inflammation including; Gut dysbiosis, intracellular and slow-growing infections, and toxins. Mercury is an interesting toxin and is more common than you might think. Did you know that eating fish 3 or more times a week can be associated with raised blood mercury levels? This has been reported in scientific literature and it is certainly something I see in clinical practice. Mould and plastics (perhaps from food packaging and plastic bottles) are other toxins that are quite surprising to find in toxin tests. These are not innocent bystanders when it comes to your health. The net contribution from the inflammatory building blocks will tax your immune system leaving you with ill health.

Rather than trying to diagnose a disease, The Toxins Test and other tests let you find out which inflammatory building blocks are at work in your system. The report details which findings are outside of normal as well as an explanation of common reasons for this.

Please note that the tests do NOT give you a diagnosis. The reports are not a management plan for whatever condition you may have. For diagnosis and treatment, you will need to be seen by a qualified medical professional.

Toxins test


This blood test indicates 4 parameters - 

DNA adducts,

Lymphocyte sensitivity,

ATP production, 

Cell-free DNA.

The test requires a blood test. You can either arrange this yourself or we can help you with a list of phlebotomists that can come to you to do the blood test. As it is a specialised test we will also need to send you a specific kit which will need to be picked up by FEDEX. We will organise all of this for you - It's worth the hassle.

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